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Graphic Design

Our Graphic Designer is one of those amazing people who just knows how to make stuff look good while hitting any brief he is given.

Jono is a creative and strategic problem solver, with a passion for branding, logos, animation, and graphic design, especially in the digital world. He is enthusiastic about helping people and brands reach their goals through interpreting, communicating, and solving their concepts and ideas. And, most importantly we can help you stand out from a crowd of Canva created templates!

Here are a few of the things we can help you with when it comes to graphic design and illustration;

The backbone of your image

Branding and Logos

This is the most popular offering we have when it comes to graphic design, but it's still something that many people and businesses overlook the value of!

When we speak about a ‘brand’ we don’t mean just your brand logo, although that is a byproduct of it! Branding is a way of identifying your business and it’s what helps you stand apart from all the noise. It’s about how your customers recognise, feel about and experience your business at all levels.

A strong brand is reflected in everything you do from your customer service style (online and off), tone of voice, font, staff uniforms, business cards and premises to your marketing materials and advertising.

When it comes to branding, consistency is key and we can help you create a wide range of collateral that can help you internally and externally;

  • Animated logos
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Branding
  • Brand Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Reinvigorating brands
  • Social media branding
  • Style guides
Show off a little bit

Print and Digital Design

We’re fans of the old (what creative hasn’t watched Mad Men!) and the new. Here’s a range of options that we our graphic designer can create for you.

Poster and large format

Any size, use or production. Promotional, illustrative or pictorial. Including billboards, vehicle wraps, bus stop advertising, interpretation signage, wayfinding design, posters, signage and more.

Newspaper, magazine or print publications

In either digital or physical context (or both!). Including annual reports, book covers, booklets, brochures, catalogue, newsletters, magazines, print advertisements.


If you need any sort of print or digital collateral we can help. From Facebook ads to flyers, invitations, Letterheads, Menus, Photography, presentations,


Launching a new product and want some custom packaging to help you stand out online or on the shelf? We can design you custom labels, swing tags, wrapping, three-dimensional packaging, stationery, stickers.


Want to create the next Chicken Run? Us too!

Animation is one of the best ways to capture your audience's attention online, in-store or on their TV at home (if your target market still watches free-to-air!).

Our graphic designer will work with you to create an eye-catching animation of any length or style. Whether it be for a website, TVC, social banner or advertisement, if you need something animated we’re here to make it happen!

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