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Whether you’re wanting something fandangle (like the next Facebook or Airbnb) or simple (a one page site with your contact information) - we’re here to bring your website design to life.

At Kingthing we do website design differently. Our team is made up of a very impressive web developer, a graphic designer and a whole lot of marketers. This makes things different; your website will be strongly skewed towards being a strong sales conversion tool for your business.

Our approach is to make sure your website design looks good, is easy to navigate (not just for your customers but for you when you need to make changes) and, very importantly, we make sure it can be found in Google searches that relate to your product and/or services.

The way things should be

Life (and websites) are all about balance

We get the balance right between good website design, functionality, usability and importantly the ability for your site to rank highly (it’s the first page on Google or it’s nothing).

Tick all the boxes

With any website made by Kingthing you can expect;

  • A website that solves your problems and saves you wasting extra resources (think easy automations to save you on that much needed admin time)
  • Optimum load times
  • Links to social media accounts
  • Prominent and multiple calls to action
  • Easy navigation and usability
  • Great graphic design and imagery
  • Submitted to be indexed by Google
  • Connected to Google Analytics
  • SEO keyword-rich text, links, and headers, etc so your website ranks highly
  • Built on a system that is simple for you to make updates
  • Mobile friendly
  • Incorporates best practice booking or online shop functionality
Right in the feels

We can help you tell your story, too!

Whether you know it or not, most of the decisions we make in life are inherently emotional. Logic and facts are crucial for a lot of things, but when we make a purchase online, take a job, donate or invest, or even pick a school, we’re buying a story. So it’s important that you communicate yours on your website.

If you don’t know how to do this in a way that goes beyond your ‘about’ page we can help. We can coordinate all the creative for you (talent/images/video etc) while writing all the copy needed for your website. We’ll make sure you hit the right emotive chord with your audience.

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