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Kingthing Marketing

  • Web Design
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  • SEO
  • Nuxt.js
  • Headless Website
  • Animation
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What was asked for

Project Brief

Oh man - this is embarrassing! Like a plumber who never fixes their own pipes - Kingthing's website was dated and was built on the Squarespace platform. We love Squarespace as an easy option for small businesses, but we needed an updated site to showcase our tech capabilities and work quality - whilst being as future-proof as possible.

What was delivered

The Solution

The new Kingthing site (yep, that's this one) was built using the StoryBlok content management system, with a separate fully custom-coded front end created with Nuxt.js. In other words, what you're reading is coming from one place and the page you're reading it on has been created from scratch and lives in another place.

Jono and Brock worked closely together to make sure the new site is engaging, easy to use, and puts our best foot forward.

What was achieved

The Outcome

By separating the front end (what you see) and the back end (where the content lives) it is easier to update the technology that runs everything and build functionality in stages.

Another benefit of this approach is having complete control over every aspect of the site that visitors see - meaning we could really push the boundaries further than we could if we did things the traditional way.

The end result is a lightning-fast website with some cool interactive and dynamic features, and full Search Engine Optimisation. All of this has been achieved to the highest degree - much more than what is possible with standard methods.

Another happy camper!

Testimonial From Client

"I love the new website! It is super quick, super modern, and looks incredible. This might just be the best website in the world, ever. Probably the best (King)thing I've ever done or will do. Wait - I hope they don't expect this kind of stuff from now on..."

- Brock from Kingthing, talking about the new Kingthing site built by Brock from Kingthing (not self indulgent at all!)

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