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We believe in your business

YEP, IT’S A THING, we believe in your business. There are a lot of thing's Kingthing Marketing can help you do to propel your business to the forefront of your industry. We educate, empower and inspire all kinds of businesses, in all sectors, in all areas of digital marketing.

Our team of digital marketers and creatives are thinkers, explorers, sharers and doers. We look at the world a little differently and use what we have learnt to help your business come first, while speaking to your target audiences to achieve your marketing goals.

No matter where you are located, we would love to work with you.

Launceston | Tasmania | Australia | The World

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Things we do

Our multi-award winning team love to sit and chat about your business.  We can explain to you the various ways we can help with your marketing, from graphic design to innovative marketing strategy, creative writing to digital marketing, we can get it done.

Our knowledge of digital marketing is cutting edge and our connection to our home place of Tasmania is strong.  We believe in your business. We believe in your idea. We believe in you.  That is a lot of 'believes' but it is true. Come and talk to us, we are real, we are honest and most of all we promise that working with us will be fun! Contact us here.


SEO Services

Some treat SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) like it's a trip to the dentist; you know you need to go but you don't really want to.  At Kingthing we actually like SEO, both strategy and ongoing management.  We assess your current website's performance, identifying any gaps or problems, then implement a plan to get your site noticed. Learn more.


Marketing Strategy

You wouldn't try building anything substantial without a plan, it's the same with marketing - it is best approached with a plan. Something structured, with goals well articulated, has measurable outcomes and lots of actionable items. No one plan we do is the same because of its specificity to your individual businesses requirements. Learn more.

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Graphic Design

We build visual brands, logos, style guides, brochures, signage, sales collateral, website design, social media headers and profiles, videos, moving logos, anything really. We are so pleased that our amazing Graphic Designer, Isobel has joined the team to make us all look good :)  We love Issy!  You've probably been admiring her skills on our website. Learn more


Website Design

We do websites differently. We are not a bunch of coders, but a bunch of marketers. This makes things different, your website will be strongly skewed towards being a strong sales conversion tool.  Our approach is to make sure it looks good, make sure you can make changes yourself easily and, very importantly, it can be found in a Google search.  Learn more.

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Social Media

Done well Social Media can be such a useful friend, whether you like it personally or not, your business can benefit by broadening your reach, encouraging interaction and engagement, educating and informing. We teach it to you, create a plan or we do it for you - your call. Learn more.

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Creative Writing

We like to write. Whether it is: content for your website, social media posts, blog posts or the crazy full-on business stuff that makes your brain ache.  Our specialties include award and grant submissions where Anna and Beck get to put on the librarian glasses and really geek-out :) Learn More.



The Team

Kingthing Marketing are a team [including Ben and Millie the guard doggies] who eat, drink and breathe marketing, especially online marketing. The drinking is mostly water and Rob does most of the eating but working with clients to reach lofty heights with their marketing is what we all enjoy most.




What we do

  • Drink lots of good coffee
  • Cuddle puppy dogs
  • Value our amazing clients
  • Eat chocolate - right Rob?
  • Listen to Spotify – a lot!
  • Healthy eating (except the chocolate!)
  • Believe in local businesses - go Tassie!
  • Always have fun

What we don't do

  • Have an easy to find office
  • Miss a good party - especially Sarah!
  • Have a land-line
  • Outsource remotely (we believe in local jobs)
  • Use paper much
  • Be gossipy (everyone is battling something)
  • Have egos
  • Drink instant coffee - yuk!

We believe in our clients:

The staff at Kingthing are incredibly knowledgeable in their field. I spent two hours with them and learned so much my head was spinning. Everything they told me was gold and I would highly recommend spending some time with them to boost your business and streamline your marketing strategy.
— Cate, Vital Force