Matson Catering rebrand and new e-commerce website build project preview
Client and areas covered

Matson Catering

  • Graphic Design
  • Style guide
  • Brand logo redevelopment
  • Copywriting
  • Ecommerce
  • Website build
  • Photographer liaison
Matson Catering rebrand and new e-commerce website build project image
What was asked for

Project Brief

For the past 30 years, Richard Matson has built a reputable catering company that is known for its incredible menu options and beautiful flavour combinations that everyone just loves. He knew his kitchen had adapted over time but his logo and website hadn’t, so he came to us with the request for a rebrand to revitalise their look and feel into something more classic and professional.

What was delivered

The Solution

Before delving into the website rebuild we needed the brand logo piece to resonate with the team. The rationale for this was for the new logo to stand the test of time. We used timeless colours in conjunction with an icon reminiscent of a chef's hat intertwined with the letter ‘M’ (for Matson of course) that they can use in place of the full logo where appropriate.

Versatility with branding is important to us as one set colour or style doesn’t always fit every asset you need it to. With the website we matched the colouring of the new brand palette and made sure it was user friendly and functional as an ecommerce website to save the team time.

What was achieved

The Outcome

The team at Matson are now saving time by having orders managed through their e-commerce website. They are also excited with their new branding and feel it gives them an edge in terms of presentation compared to competitors.

Another happy camper!

Testimonial From Client

Matson Catering contracted Kingthing Marketing to re-brand our company, transition to an e-commerce business and to do a complete overhaul of our website. We couldn’t be happier with the result! Jono’s artistic skills created our smart new logo and colour scheme, and we couldn’t have achieved the results we did on the new website without Josie and Rob’s amazing insights and skills. The Kingthing Marketing team did a great job

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