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  • Public speaking
  • Workshop development
  • Workbook development
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What was asked for

Project Brief

agriCULTURED is a multi-day Tasmanian event intended to grow the capacities of the agrifood sector and strengthen its contributions to the Tasmanian economy and communities. It also provides an opportunity to connect with industry professionals and practitioners from across Tasmania and Nationally to innovate and inspire others, build a platform for advocacy, and challenge norms and the status quo.

As part of this event, we were invited to take businesses through a workshop/presentation on storytelling to showcase why it is important and beneficial for businesses to learn the art of storytelling and to challenge them to look a bit deeper at their own backstory.

What was delivered

The Solution

We’re big fans of interactive workshops in lieu of the traditional ‘we speak at you and you do nothing’ kind of workshop and for agriCULTURED our approach was no different.

Our presentation was designed around interaction from the very beginning. With slides on memorable movies to get the point across on why emotion matters when it comes to recall to Brand Tasmania inspired worksheets that took participants through a few methods of how they can write their story in a more emotive manner. To wrap things up we then showed them ways in which they can use storytelling to promote their brand and to help them stand out from the crowd.

What was achieved

The Outcome

A great response from management and participants.

Another happy camper!

Testimonial From Client

"Well done to you and Josie for a great session at agriCULTURED Rob" - Dr Gemma Lewis

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