The Flinders Wharf Branding and Identity


Project Overview

The Flinders Wharf

Business Action Learning Tasmania wanted to move away from the logo they had and differentiate themselves more from their competitors, changing their current tone of voice to bring out their brands true values of Collaboration, Getting Things Done and thinking outside of the box. They needed a executive and high-end logo that could compete within the education space they were in, competing with universities, tafe and other educational institutes. 

Their name, Business Action Learning Tasmania, was a mouthful, and they wanted to spread the word of the acronym, BALT, that is commonly used within the company, to the broader market. They needed to move away from the blue and orange that their competitors used. Red was the preferred colour to reflect. BALT are community minded and challenge the status quo, as does their new logo. Which reflects the breaking outside of the box that the business is all about. 



The Flinders Wharf Logo

Colour Palette

Colour is vital in communicating an overall tone and quality of BALT’s visual identity. Careful use of colour reinforces the personality and ensures harmony across all of the various mediums.  

The colours red and black have been selected to inject a professional yet high energy into the business. This colour will also work well when paired with the industrial photography used across the BALT visual identity.  

The Flinders Wharf Colour Palette.png


Typography plays an important role in communicating an overall tone and quality. Careful use of typography reinforces our personality and ensures clarity and harmony in all BALT’s communications. 

I have selected Mr Eaves Modern Sans and Museo Slab, which helps inject a high-end, executive tone of voice to all of BALT’s commuications.

The Flinders Wharf Tiempos Headline Typeface