Tanya believes in your business.


Tanya Trost, Consultant

Vegan food, travelling, volunteering, simple life, chocolate (vegan of course!), smiles and her imaginary dogs (like imaginary friends… only better!)

Cold weather, crabby people and (most annoyingly) when my Ugg boots don't match my track-pants!

Most annoying habit
Keeping the team on time when everyone just loves to chat!

Guilty pleasure
Reality TV! Shhhh… don't tell anyone!

Favourite Instagram account

What inspires you?
Women who make stuff happen

Motivational song
I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

Kingthing Marketing - Tanya Trost
Kingthing Marketing | Tanya Trost

And Now For The Serious Bit.....

Tanya is focused on supporting and enriching the lives of others through her professional and volunteering experiences. She is a true giver and loves sharing her knowledge - which is a perfect fit for team Kingthing!

With 10 years' experience in the Tasmania State Government, Tanya knows how government works and loves work that has a strong focus on business strategy and development across all business sectors. She is a true consultant and loves to work on regional and community development strategy, public and community consultation, program implementation and facilitation.

She loves to manage projects and keep the team on time with a great sense of humour and gentle guidance. A job that takes a bit of doing :) 

Tanya has super impressive communications skills and loves to write, resulting in a number of successful award and grant writing submissions. She is our grants queen - spending her spare time scouring the internet for grants for our clients - did someone say geek?

Contact Tanya
M: 0437 189 956
E: tanya@kingthing.com.au