Get to know Taihlaura Denman-Francis

Taihlaura Denman Francis



A glass of sparkling and a good platter, sunshine, baking sweets and dancing at concerts


Seafood (landaterian here) and people who chew loudly

Most annoying habit

Talking to much and to fast (when I am excited it’s hard to stop and breathe!)

Guilty pleasure

Netflix binge watching  

What inspires you?

My wonderful friends and family and meeting new people who are like minded

 Motivational song

Saturday Sun by Vance Joy and Shake it Off by Taylor Swift!


And now for the serious bit.....

Taihlaura has a passion for all things in the digital space. Her favourite things are strategic planning, social media and content writing. Taihlaura has a consultancy background having worked with a number of clients in different industries that has helped grow her business acumen. She has a flare for organising and managing projects and has experience facilitating a range of meetings.   

She is continuously updating her marketing knowledge, having recently attended the ADMA Digital Marketing course in Melbourne. She enjoys learning new things that she can use for her clients.

In her spare time, Taihlaura volunteers for Make-A-Wish in the Launceston branch. Taking on the role of communications and fundraising coordinator. In her role, she operates the branch’s Facebook page and helps to organise fundraising events such as the high tea, ball and trivia night.

Taihlaura brings a positive energy and enthusiasm to the team!


Contact Taihlaura
M: 0447 266 336

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