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We Talk… A Lot!

Just ask Rob. But give us an audience and we are over the moon. Large or small doesn't matter; Beck has spoken to a room of over 800 people and we regularly speak to small groups of about 10 people. We consistently get very positive feedback about our presentations and that is because we truly care about finding useful solutions for our audience. We would love to come and talk to your group.

We cover anything to do with marketing, including social media and websites, just ask us. Here are some examples of topics we can speak on:

Great Looking Websites That Rank And Convert Sales

So often we look at an attractive website yet we can’t pinpoint exactly what makes it work so well. In this seminar, we will break it down component by component so you will be able to make good choices for your current or future websites. You will find this useful if you want to either design your own website or plan to work with a web designer. Have you ever wondered how some businesses websites always seem to be at the top of a Google search? Whether you are working with a web developer or managing your own website, we show you how to get your website higher in a Google search though lots of small easy tricks that make a huge difference. 

Social Media - The Next Steps

So, you have set up your social media accounts but you are not sure what sort of content you should be putting on there, how to engage with customers, or how to get more likes. This seminar shows you how to really get social media working for you. We look at examples of great content, explain online etiquette including how to handle negative reviews, copyright and show how to streamline multiple social media accounts. Facebook is very popular with businesses and consumers alike. In this seminar, we explore the popularity of Facebook and show how to leverage this for your business. We cover: how to set up your home page, how to leverage off other pages and how to manage duplicate pages, events, apps, promotions and much more. 

Useful Tools And Cloud Services

Anything time-consuming that has been frustrated you about running your business has probably annoyed someone else in the world too and led them to invent an online tool to help ease that particular frustration. In this seminar, we run though a list of our popular tools such as our favourite apps for business, graphic design, social media dashboards, storing notes, streaming music, accounting services and many more. So people tell you that you should ‘move your business to the cloud’, but what does that mean? We look at the many advantages of moving your workflow to the cloud and also address concerns you may have about that. Then we explore popular cloud services such as Xero, Dropbox, Vend, Google Apps, and iCloud.


Preparing For The Next Big Change

Join Rebecca King in a jam-packed trip into the near future as we will look at the ways that technology will change tourism operations and marketing over the next few years. We explore technology such as robots, self-driving cars, augmented and virtual reality, wearables, The Internet of Things, 360 degree photos and videos and drones. Plus, we talk about what it means for businesses going forward and how you can prepare your organisation for these exciting changes.

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