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Social is where it is at right?  So new and exciting ....... well sort of, it has been around for over 10 years but still we see so many people struggling with it. Often it is just the time factor, we are all so busy and finding extra time to be a guru in social media marketing is just not gonna happen!  Fear not, we are here to help - we have done hundreds of presentations on how to use social media and social media marketing strategies.  Rebecca was one of the first people to teach social media to businesses in Australia about 10 years ago – talk about an old girl! 

Sarah, and most recently Claire have taken over the mantle, not quite the queens of social just yet....... but definitely the princesses, of all things social media.  There's not much they don't know when it comes to promoting your business or selling products through social media marketing.

Each week Sarah and Claire dedicate a few hours to learning what’s new in social media - so they can keep you up to date with all the latest trends.  This is wonderful because it saves you feverishly researching things like 'how to use Facebook for business?' with all the urgency of a uni student the night before an exam.  Sarah and Claire are bonafide gurus - they might even save you enough time to be able to binge watch your favourite Netflix show. Hurrah!

The ways we can help you are:

We can teach you how – in fact we have some government funding to give you 2 hours free training to get you started, it is always nice to get something for free. Click here for more info.

Write a content plan. Sometimes setting up the social accounts is the easy thing, but planning what to post on them is really hard. That is were we come in, we do a brainstorming session with you and create a content plan that tells you what to post when and where and what sort of hashtags to use etc etc. A very popular document with our clients.

We can do it for you. Just hand over the keys and we will drive it. Zoom zoom.

Kingthing Marketing - Social Media Marketing
I had a great couple of hours with Sarah, I learnt so much. What she doesn’t know about social media and websites isn’t worth knowing. Hopefully we’ll be working with her more in the future on our website. Great team work here.
— Janet Kenane

If you’re after the latest information on social media, marketing and branding, Kingthing Marketing should be your go-to business. They walked me through the Digital Ready workshop which is a great, free initiative which is super comprehensive and personalised. I now feel more confident with my social media marketing and brand awareness. Thanks team!
— Mel de Ruyter