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SEO Services

Test Unique, authentic, inviting, stylish, sophisticated, genuine, historic, real, SEO testing stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ which simply means getting your website ranking highly in a search engine such as Google.

We started offering SEO services a few years ago now because we found that there were a lots of off-shore dodgy SEO companies advertising their search engine optimisation services online. We wanted a local option that we trusted and well, we ended up doing SEO ourselves. A few years later and SEO is one of our key points of difference.

We are lucky enough to work with hundreds of businesses each year and we estimate that only 20% of websites actually have proper search engine optimisation in place. That is crazy! Dear fellow business owner, your website is the hub of your digital strategy and if you can’t be found online when someone is looking for your type of product or service, then you may as well pack up and go find yourself a 9-5 job. For only a few hundred dollars, we can make a huge improvement to your site using SEO.

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So you've got a website that looks great and reads well. You might even be selling stuff, but you still need to rank better in search engines than your competitors. Make your website hum with our SEO Services Kit!

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