Sarah Wells


Anything to do with water, hanging out with my friends, travel. Oh and golden retrievers.


Flying …. A LOT.

Most annoying habit

Leaving crumbs on and around my desk

Guilty pleasure

Coffee from Sweetbrew

Favourite Instagram account


What inspires you?

Listening to Beyoncé (Queen B), and my mum.

Motivational song

Punching in a dream, The Naked and Famous



Sarah's Journey to Kingthing

Sarah has brought her digital skills and management expertise with her from her previous position, working with core businesses and stakeholders in Launceston CBD. Sarah is a marketing dynamo in all things digital but is up skilled in SEO, pay per click advertising and is a nerd when it comes to building Squarespace websites.

Since graduating from the University of Tasmania, Sarah has been involved in key Organisations within the tourism industry. This coupled with being an active member of the Northern Young Professionals Network leaves her a marketing turbine, ready for whatever challenge is thrown at her.

Highlights so far are scholarship recipient and brand ambassador for UTAS in Malaysia at Tunku Abdul Rahman College in 2015. Other professional achievements include being marketing manager for key community events in Launceston City and being a committed member of NYPN.

In her spare time, Sarah is a keen wakeboarder and doubles as the Marketing Coordinator for her local sporting association TasWake. Her other passions include travelling as much as she can, any type of sporting activity and having fun with her amazing friends and family.

Qualifications include a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing and also a current design student at Foundry. 

Sarah's favourite things:

  • Social Media x 100
  • Marketing strategy
  • Speaking gigs