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Considering our office is the old 7NT recording studio, we thought we should test out the recording booth for ourselves. We are all podcast obsessed and are passionate about Tasmania, so our team has been interviewing Tasmanian business owners and influencers who have a story to tell. We want to inspire entrepreneurs and budding business ideas, offer support and education, explore marketing tips and tricks and encourage risk taking. After all, we believe in your business.

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Episode 1. Sick and successful - Rebecca King

What an experience! We have just recorded our first ever podcast. Our Founder, Rebecca King is our guinea pig and it is lucky she is so open because we ask her so many private questions! We start off a bit rough, we are just learning how to record and edit, plus Beck starts every answer with “that is such a good question”; however, we cover so much. Topics include: success and tragedy, awards, Lupus, hiring well, that moment she knew being a female consultant really sucked, money, positivity, gossip, the toilets at Falls Festival, Tasmanian life, weight, live music, Rob’s whistling, private school fees, tall poppy syndrome, Beck’s old school crush on Michael J. Fox, marketing (of course!), the early days of digital mentoring, the birth of social media, the love/hate of awards submission writing, future projects, volunteering, Tourism Tasmania, TCCI and Beck announces a big secret.


Episode 2. Diversity and difference make you rich - Polly McGee

Polly McGee - published author x2, ambassador for successful tattooed women, entrepreneur, business coach, yogi and all-round legend! We were lucky enough to be joined by the amazing Polly McGee in the Kingthing Marketing Podcast Studio a while back. Have a listen to our latest episode, where we explore Polly's two published books, Dogs of India and The Good Hustle, which are MUST READS. We also asked her about tattoos, where her inspiration comes from and future proofing your business for what's next in the digital space. There are a few other surprises, but we're not going to spoil it for you. Have a listen!


We have been busy helping our amazing clients, but there will be more coming soon…

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