Finding Your Why - Simon Sinek

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Finding your why is about figuring out what inspires you, what is your purpose, and why you get out of bed everyday. It is more than money, it is the result of your why. Your why is what drives you and ensures you are fulfilled in your work. Simon Sinek’s theory is based on the biology of the human brain and how the decision making process occurs. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. This extends to your employees, if you inspire people who believe in what you believe they will be loyal and committed. Customers will connect with this belief, and become loyal followers. Customers buy why you do it, not what you do. If you are passionate and believe in what you do, you will inspire others to follow.


Simon’s Golden Circle
WHY Very few people know why they do things, what their purpose is, their cause, belief, why they exist?
HOW Some people know what this is - how do you deliver your message.
WHAT Is your business accommodation? What are you doing?
- most people start with this and everyone gets this.

By starting with ‘why’, you build the foundation for a successful business, it will also help with refining your idea. For instance Kingthing Marketing’s ‘why’ is “we believe in your business” and at Kingthing Marketing this extends to educating, empowering and inspiring small to medium sized businesses, in a variety of sectors, in all areas of marketing.

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