Wanna see a list of business awards you can enter?

Business awards are great to win but some can be hard to get. We help heaps of businesses each year to achieve GOLD across many types of awards! But what are the benefits?

Talk to any past finalists and winners and they will tell you how great the award process has been business:

  • Both finalists and winners receive digital logos to use on all marketing materials.

  • Winning an award is great for staff morale and your reputation and may also help attract a higher standard of employees.

  • The media coverage is great. Both finalists and winners get media attention, local newspapers are very interested, sometimes radio stations will want to interview you and you will appear in many articles across the internet. Typically, all major media outlets are given photos and a blurb on the night of your awards, they also have access to the information ongoing which will have a long-lasting PR advantage.

  • You will also get a competitive advantage, imagine if you are a customer deciding between

    your product and one that is quite similar, then that award logo may just be the one thing that helps the customer decide to choose you.

  • Winning an award gives you instant industry recognition and credibility. Networking will be fun, and doors will open.

  • On top of it all, you get a great trophy that looks amazing at reception.

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Here is a Tasmanian-centric list of awards you might like to consider for your business:

Telstra Business Awards


Opens February, closes end of March.

Telstra Business Women’s Awards


Opens start of May ends June.

Small Business Champions


Opens all year, closes in February.

Stevie Awards


Various open and close all year.

Tasmanian Export Awards


Open start of May, close end of August.

Training Awards


Open March, close end of May.

THA awards


Open April close May.

Tasmanian Tourism Awards


Open May, closes September.

Launceston Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards

(63 telephone area)


Open Mid June, close end July.

Employer of Choice


Australian Events Awards


Regional Tourism Awards:

Tourism Northern Tasmania

Champions of Tourism Awards


Nominations October

Destination Southern Tasmania

Southern Stars of Tourism Awards


Cradle Coast Authority

Regional Tourism Awards


East Coast Regional Tourism Organisation

The Great Eastern Drivers Tourism Awards


Any that we missed? Please let us know.

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