How to build your Instagram audience - the right way!

How to build your Instagram audience - the right way!

How to build your Instagram audience - the right way!

A regular question we often get asked by our clients here at Kingthing Marketing is, how do I build my Instagram following? It’s a slow and steady process, but by playing by their rules you can increase your audience and engagement levels.

Here are the rules you should follow to keep your followers and the Instagram algorithm smiling and engaged (while you sit back and watch those DMs, likes and comments roll in):

Kingthing Marketing - Build your instagram following

Rule Number 1: Ephemeral Marketing

Use ephemeral marketing! That’s a fancy word for Instagram Stories which is temporary content that disappears after 24 hours. Of course now you can save your stories as highlights, but that’s a story for another day.

Instagram users love stories, because it’s real and authentic content! People love to see behind the scenes and raw content, it aligns more with real life than the fabrication that Instagram can generally portray.

Rule Number 2: Use Instagram's New Features - ALL THE TIME.

This is the bottom line, and it makes sense! Instagram wants their new features to go well, so if you are using their new features such as polls, adding music etc they will show your content to more people - because they want more and more people to use the feature and increase their usability. It’s a bit of a flow on effect, but you get the picture.

Rule Number 3: STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING - And Reply To All Comments ASAP.

Social giants don’t like broadcasters. These are the people/businesses who put a message out there about themselves and don’t care about their followers. One of the latest findings with the Instagram algorithm is, that you should always like and comment back to people who comment on your posts. You need to show Instagram (and Facebook, for that matter) that you care about your followers, and you are actually engaging with them. Instagram will show your posts to more people, and will also assume your content is user friendly. Winning!

Don’t be a broadcaster. Reply and like comments!

Rule Number 4: Location, Location

Tell people where you are, and always tag the location that you’re marketing to! It will increase your engagement. You can create a custom location for your business in Facebook, which can then be used on Instagram.

Rule Number 5: Do Not Use 20,000 Hashtags!

Research has shown that around nine hashtags is optimal when it comes to Instagram posts, anymore than that and Instagram sees that as spam (not good). Which is fair enough! Stick to hashtags that are relevant to your business/industry and a few more popular ones to get your content out there.

Another hint: You know how people sometimes put their hashtags in the comments? This is a no no! It may look a little neater, but it lowers your engagement levels.

Happy ‘Gramming!

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