Marching into April!

Marching into April!

It’s crazy how fast  2018 is going, the rain has started, leaves are turning from green to red and Easter is just around the corner.  With the change of seasons the heaters are on, Sarah has wiped the cobwebs off her 4’3 wetsuit, Rob is considering jumping on his indoor trainer instead of adding thermals under his lycra!  Mean while Issy is holidaying in Sri Lanka which has left the office surprisingly quiet and the rest of us are GREEN with envy! Check out this amazing image she posted on her Instagram, this one’s for all of the animal lovers, aka Beck.

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Enough about us, here is some information to keep you up to date in the CRAZY digital world.

Read on.


Over the weekend, Instagram have announced a BIG change to the Instagram algorithm. In a nutshell... Instagram users are more likely to see newer posts higher in their feed. Perhaps this is rewinding to the old instagram when the algorithm was chronological? Well...not quite!

The update is in response to user feedback. Basically we were sick of seeing the same posts from the same friends, for days in a row. So what users will see in their feeds are posts in real time, so if a friend posts a photo 2 minutes before you log into insta it should come up at the top of your news feed. The purpose of the change is to ensure that old content doesn’t get bumped higher in the feed (like it has been in the past).

How does this affect all of you instagrammers out there? It was stressed that Instagram is not going back to a straight chronological feed. It will still show users posts that they believe you care about most, but just a little more fresh and time relevant!  This has to be better for all users, including us, we want to see the exciting posts from our colleagues when they are exploring amazing places as soon as they happen!

They are also trialing a NEW POST button so users can refresh their feed whenever they feel the need.

Kingthing Marketing - Sarahs business tips

Sarah’s tips for businesses if you’re on Instagram.

“Okay so my number one tip is no surprise to anyone, and it comes back to CONTENT! Creating content that engages and creates conversation between followers is a must to stay top of mind (or top of feed rather). If you’re creating conversations that Instagram believes your followers care about it will be shown to more people. Oh and did you know that you only see 10% of your newsfeeds? Blow out! My other big tip to increase this is to use ephemeral marketing (a fancy word for Instagram stories). If followers are watching your Instagram stories, the algorithm automatically thinks, gee people are really watching that content! And then will put the post in users news feeds more because you’re already engaging with it. Make sense?”

Instagram has also made it easier for shopaholics (Sarah and Claire) to make purchases straight from Instagram! Now is a good time to freak out and freeze the bank accounts! This works by Insta connecting straight to Facebook online catalogue.

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But it was basically free right if it was on sale?!

Bio’s in Insta

You can now add a clickable link to your Bio in your instagram profile.  To do this, hit edit profile, jump onto the bio section and when you insert an @ or #, a list of recommendations will pop up and from there you select the profiles and hashtags you would like to be associated with.  

This is great for brand awareness and cross promotion and could be used in many ways.  For instance on a personal insta account you could have the hashtag for the company you work for and if a user was to click on the hashtag they could link straight through to the business website through this link - making the process seamless for the user.

That’s enough about insta, but at least you’re now updated! There is just so much happening.


We don’t brag very often

We are very excited to have made it to the final stage of Employer of Choice Awards! We already know that it’s a totally awesome place to work, we don’t need a trophy to know this but it’s nice to be recognised and it is a great excuse to buy some fresh flowers for the office.

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What we learnt this week:

Beck CANNOT parallel park!

Sarah’s advice after witnessing the epic fail at the Tailrace was:

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And Claire is the next Serena Williams. Claire made her debut in tennis on Wednesday, filling in for Issy while she is away. The result? Some mean serves and a really good forehand! Final score 3-6, 2-6. Sarah is letting her fill in again this week!

What the heck is Search Engine Optimisation?

What the heck is Search Engine Optimisation?