How to make your instagram account look really cool!

How to make your instagram account look really cool!

We Have All Been There. How Does THAT Instagram Account Look So Good? So Good In Fact That It Kinda Makes You Want To Follow It! Here Are Some Takeaways That You Can Implement Into Your Own Social Media Strategy To Improve Your Visual Brand. 


In sport, being the most consistent isn’t considered the be all and end all, but in Instagram marketing, it’s the most valuable player! Being consistent is the key, it allows consumers to recognise your content when they are scrolling down the feed, for example when you see green in a post you instantly think Kingthing Marketing (well, hopefully anyway)!


@route66tas and @seagrassdesignart are both local businesses in Tasmania that show some really diverse themes on their Instagram feeds. Both clothing shops, yet one features clean cut and organised flat lays while the other displays their product completely differently, you could almost say it’s organised chaos! However both are extremely effective - and guess what, consistent! There's that magic word again.

Kingthing Marketing - Route66 Tasmania Instagram
Kingthing Marketing - Seagrass Design Art


Candid images or posed images can make a difference to the feel of an Instagram account. Try and keep it consistent where possible. Posed may reflect a more expensive product, whereas candid imagery may express a more relaxed and fun brand.


This should not be overlooked! Have you ever heard someone say that they don’t look like their Instagram page?! Yep it’s a thing. Editing can go a long way in making your product look amazing or getting rid of those unwanted wrinkles.

Kingthing Marketing - How to make your instagram account look really cool!


You may have heard the term a fresh perspective is as good as a holiday, or is it a haircut? Oh well, you can bet your followers are in the same boat! It’s always refreshing to see a product in a new light. @reebokclassics do this really well. Doesn’t this image just make you want to buy those shoes? Although you don’t need to risk your life to take a shot like this, shooting an image from the ground up or birds-eye view can be effective, even a side profile instead of head-on can mix things up nicely.


Choose a colour theme and stick with it! Or even just keep a consistent with either a dark or light scheme. @piermont in Swansea do this extremely well using a dark moody, vibe throughout their page.

Kingthing Marketing - Piermont Swansea
Kingthing Marketing - How to make your instagram look really cool


Find an account you really like and pinpoint what it is you like about it. You can then recreate this using your own brand guidelines and product!

Finally, we would just like to state that you do not need a massive budget to achieve a well crafted Instagram page. Phones these days can do amazing things, we are completely obsessed with portrait mode at the minute!

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