Muddy Creek Apples Branding & Identity


Project Overview

Muddy Creek Apples Identity

Muddy Creek Apples visual identity comprises of two elements, the logo mark and logo type. The Logo Mark is a powerful mark evoking the heritage aspect of this 100 year old orchard. The logo mark has a particular relationship with the Muddy Creek Apples name. The Logo Type has been carefully chosen for its vintage, yet refined, highly legible style, which has been further enhanced by the use of upper case letters. The typeface is Tautz, a contemporary take on the humanist serif with a touch of rationality and frivolity, balancing well with the logo mark. 

The identity is presented through the use of colour as well as shape and form. The two primary colours are Red and Orange, while yellow and green will act as secondary colours. The colours have been chosen for their strong combination and modern, classic and timeless appeal. The colours were pulled from the high quality fruit that the orchard produces, which will be used across the various cider labels, boxes and collaterol. 


Colour Palette

Colour plays an important role in the Muddy Creek Apples visual identity. The colours below are recommendations for various media. Consistent use of these colours will contribute to the cohesive and harmonious look of the Muddy Creek Apples brand identity across all of their collaterol, cider labels, boxes, etc. The colours have been taken from the orchard and the beautiful quality fruit produced. 

Muddy Creek Apple Colour Palette


Typography plays an important role in communicating an overall tone and quality to the Muddy Creek Apples brand. Careful use of typography reinforces the personality and ensures clarity and harmony in all Muddy Creek Apples communications. We have selected Tautz and Aktiv Grotesk, which helps inject a vintage yet modern aesthetic to Muddy Creek Apples communications.

Muddy Creek Apples Typography Tautz.png
Muddy Creek Apples Aktiv Grotesk Typeface


Muddy Creek Apples Logo
Muddy Creek Apples Logo
Muddy Creek Apples Cider Mockup