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So you've got a website that looks great and reads well, you might even be selling stuff, but you still need to rank better than your competitors.

We wish it were easier but there are so many factors both simple and others a little bit geeky! Our SEO Kit is designed to have your site running optimally and ranking higher. Here's how it works;

The technical Audit

We do an initial technical audit of your website, making sure that;

  • All your internal and external links are working

  • The page speed is lightening quick

  • There are no barriers to search engines checking your site

We compare your sites performance to three of your competitors;

  • To see how how you stack up in search rankings

  • Social citations to compare traffic from social media - which can be a good source of web traffic

For search engines to understand what you do, they look at the words on your website. We will work with you to establish the words/phrases [keywords] that are most important for you to rank for.

  • We assign keywords on up to three pages

  • Our audit will assess how the pages rank for those specific keywords

  • We will check both content that's visible to users but also the unseen backend stuff

The Report

Once the initial audit is complete, we produce a report on our findings including recommendations on how to improve your site.

All the elements mentioned above will be included in the report, showing the good stuff but importantly the stuff that needs fixing.

The package

We should all be making regular changes and updating content, which is a major factor in keeping search engines happy.  To ensure that your website is running optimally we will audit your website every quarter and provide an updated report.

The Money Side

The initial audit and report is $595 + gst
Quarterly audit and report $240  + gst
 - The quarterly audit and report will run until it's no longer required or, if you would like the SEO package for a set period just let us know.

Additionally if you need some help to implement changes we can either train you or do the changes ourselves, talk to us about how this will best work for you.


What's Next?

If you have some questions give us a call on  0439 430 016 or flick an email to rob@kingthing.com.au or fill in the form below and we will give you a quick phone call to get things rolling.