Kingthing Marketing Rebrand


Project Overview

Kingthing Rebrand

The Kingthing Marketing logo was rebranded in 2017 when the business was moving away from being a tourism focussed agency to a multi-disciplinary business, including marketing, strategy, websites and graphic design. The new Kingthing Marketing Logo comprises of two elements, the logo symbol and logo type. The Logo Symbol is a powerful mark, evoking the confident, empowered and high end quality of the Kingthing brand. The logo mark is animated, to represent how the Kingthing brand makes every client feel happy, fun and confident. The Logo Type has been carefully chosen for its modern and yet refined, highly legible style. The typeface is Europa Bold, this has also been chosen to compliment and balance perfectly with the logo symbol which is strong and geometric in shape. 



Kingthing Marketing Logo Rebrand




Colour Palette

Colour plays an important role in the Kingthing Marketing identity. The primary colour developed for the year of 2017 was yellow. However this changes each year, in order to keep the brand fresh and new every new year. Consistent use of each colour throughout the year will contribute to a cohesive and harmonious look of the year, the Kingthing brand and all relevant media. 

Kingthing Colour palette.png


Europa is Kingthing Marketings primary typeface. This typeface has been chosen for its relationship with the logo which also uses this typeface. This typeface is used across all collaterol, website, etc to keep the brand cohesive and legible. 

Kingthing Marketing Europa Typeface.png


Kingthing Marketing Logo
Kingthing Marketing logo rebrand
Kingthing Marketing Logo Rebrand
Kingthing Marketing Business Card.png
Kingthing Flyer Mockup.png
Kingthing Marketing Wine Label Mockup