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Flinders Island Food & Crayfish Festival

Logo, branding & collateral

Kingthing Marketing were approached by Jo Youl, business owner, property developer and active Flinders Island Tourism and Business Inc. member to take on the Flinders Island Food and Crayfish Festival 2018 brand development.

Having already worked with Jo on the brand development for the Flinders Wharf, we already had a solid understanding of the Island’s unique offering and point of difference. Away from the heaviness of ‘modern’ life, Flinders Island allows nature to restore you to your true self. On Flinders they have a way of life that combines mother nature and human nature at its most raw, authentic and honest. When you commune with nature, people and food, you are finally free and as humans should be, in tune with the natural order of things.

Ensuring alignment with the overall Flinders Island brand, we gave the Food and Crayfish Festival its own identity. The brands personality was to showcase the native, untamed, ‘rough around the edges’ brand but represent this with wisdom, warmth and soul while the look and feel was to be raw, bleached and windswept. The stencil typeface was used to describe the unrefined aspects of the island and the event. The beautiful brush strokes that come out of that represent the tousled, wild and soulful aspects of the island and event.

Since the successful launch of the Food and Crayfish Festival brand, our Graphic Designer, Isobel, has been in high demand working on branding for a number of island businesses including Furneaux Distillery, Unique Charters and The Flinders Wharf. To her credit, Isobel has been named the ‘brand custodian’ of the Flinders Island Tourism Business Association, in charge of maintaining the brand cohesiveness across all mediums. Jo Youl says: 

"We love working with Kingthing Marketing. We have developed the branding and collateral to advertise the first Food & Crayfish Festival on Flinders Island. The identity of this event is developing and Kingthing truly understand the essence and direction of the brand." 
- Jo Youl

We are looking forward to continue to work with the Flinders Island Flinders Island Food & Crayfish Festival in 2019.