Flinders Island

Food & Crayfish Festival Identity


Project Overview

Food & Crayfish Festival Identity

The Flinders Island Food & Crayfish Festival 2018, will involve a special long-lunch at one of Flinders Island’s spectacular locations. The internationally renowned chefs will spend five days exploring, diving and foraging ahead of the lunch to bring together an experience that is truly unique.  Open to just 100 ‘off-islanders,’ the exact location will be announced 48 hours prior to the event, taking in to account varying wind directions and weather conditions on the island. 

The brief was to create a logo that reflected the personality of the island that is a native sage, untamed, rough around the edges, but with wisdom, warmth and soul. The Look & Feel was to be raw, bleached, windswept. A stencil typeface was used to describe the unrefined aspects of the island and the event. While the beautiful brush strokes came out of that represent the tousled, wild and soulful aspects of the island, as well as subtly following the shape of Mount Strzelecki that rises steeply from the stunning coastline. The use of red and blue gradients are drawn from the deep blue of the island, and the deep red of the enormous Crayfish on the island. 



Food & Crayfish Festival Logo

Colour Palette

The use of colour was vital in communicating an overall tone to the festival. Careful use of these colours reinforces the personality and ensures harmony across all of the various mediums.  Gradients were used to represent the soulful aspects of the island. Using reds from the enormous crayfish, as well as the deep blues from the ocean. 

F&CF_Colour Palette.png


To carry through the overall tone of the festival, it was important to keep a cohesive typeface that ties in with the logo. We selected the Gabriela Stencil for the main typeface as it relates to the unrefined aspects of the island, while Sabon was used to bring everything back to the soulful aspects of the festival and people.