The Social Trend from Public to Private

The social trend from public to private

It’s now a fact, there are more people in the world on messenger applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger than there are people on social media platforms!

Why and what does this mean for business?

For businesses and marketers alike, it’s simple. We need to be where our customers are and in this case it’s messenger applications. The challenge of this is we are only just getting used to having Facebook Pixels appearing in our feeds, so how will people respond with advertising in their own personal inboxes? Hmmm. Read on.

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Here are the cold hard facts: messenger marketing is WORKING. The open rate of ads appearing in private networking spaces is at 80% compared to email marketing which is at an average of 33%. These numbers are obviously subject to change depending on industries, target market and all of the rest, but someone is clicking on those ads!


We think that this trend is happening because people are sick of being ‘judged’ and the way we interact online is changing. Gone are the days where we would post what we were doing or having for breakfast. Facebook has turned into a place mainly used for education and business (and a few funny videos of goats) despite Mark Zuckerberg's recent attempts of taking Facebook back to what it used to be, which is more about connecting people with people and not businesses.


Messenger platforms are not the only thing that has been trending, people and businesses are moving towards Facebook groups as a way to communicate. The prediction of being able to advertise to groups is on it’s way very soon, so businesses are getting prepared for it, and users are learning about all of the cool new features and perks of being in a group! One example of this is a product called a ‘ Facebook Watch Party’, but that’s a topic for another day! Essentially, groups allow you to communicate directly with your group members with a higher level of engagement and conversation because there is less ‘noise’ surrounding your posts in the public forum. Members can also ask questions in what they know is a private rather than public forum which encourages more two way communication. It’s a win/win! Speaking of which, have your joined our KingThing Thinking group yet? If not, jump on in, we’d love to see you!


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Written by Sarah Wells | Sarah is a Marketing Consultant at Kingthing Marketing who lives and breathes strategy, digital marketing and nerding out on SEO. Her other things in life are all sports, travel and spending time with her favourite people.

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