Our Favourite Public Toilet Visits on the Road.

Our favourite public toilets to visit on the road.


It’s time for some toilet talk. Out of all of the blogs we have written, this one is going to be the most useful, we can guarantee it. As part of our roles as marketing consultants, graphic designers and writers at Kingthing Marketing we have to hit the road a LOT. And sometimes we have to make visits to public toilets….yuck! The good, the bad and the smelly! It’s okay, we’re here to save your butts!

We are going to share our favourite public toilets around Tasmania, so that when you are next crossing your legs in the car praying to magically teleport to your destination, you can safely stop the car and enter the public toilet knowing it’s got a great review. So here we go!



Beck spends a lot of her time listening to podcasts while road tripping to the capital of the state, Hobart. But by the time she gets to Hobart, parks the car and gets herself organised she needs to use the little girls room. The Cat and Fiddle Arcade has some public toilets yes, but the line can often be long which can be risky when you’re really busting! Beck prefers to stay local, and besides Salamanca is too far and often smelly! Centre Point Shopping Centre is the perfect location, not too far and it’s a lot quieter than the busier areas. Not the most modern bathrooms she has ever seen, but because of practicality, it’s half a tick.

3 stars



Rob’s favourite is this little number in Devonport and he isn’t alone. Here is a copy of a recent review from a happy customer, Derek.

Kingthing Marketing


Rob found it a great place to “go” right near the ocean, with the sound of the crashing waves full of encouragement! With many trips to Circular Head in the last year for a contract, he became very familiar and comfortable with this public toilet, hence the high star rating. The views just top off the whole experience.

Kingthing Marketing

4 stars


Issy is a fan of the toilets at Perth, we think it’s because of the carefully architecturally designed building situated just near the train. The perfect location if you’re on the way home from the coast or down south and when you're driving through Campbell Town, you kind of need to go but you’ll make it. Sometimes your bladder changes its mind! However, sometimes it’s just something that has to go down, and no better than in historic Perth, the toilets are also a little historic but when you’re that busting does it really matter? Anna is also a fan of this option. She has more experience with public toilets than the whole team at Kingthing combined! Mainly because she has three young children… and let’s be honest kids never time their bladders to work in sync with each other, which means multiple toilet stops on the way down to Swansea on weekends.

Kingthing Marketing

3 stars

Sarah and Claire


Yes, it’s a classic but you cannot go wrong with the newly renovated Mood Food public toilets, in Kempton, Tasmania! They are clean (most of the time), there is never a line up, plenty of parking and the perfect distance from when you received your coffee at Campbell Town and really need to go to the loo. Sarah and Claire’s favourite thing about this public toilet is, that you don’t have to make a purchase at the store in order to use the bathroom! No awkward purchasing just because you have to, or doing the dunny dash out of the shop so that no one can see you and give you a disapproving glare. It’s free for all.

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4.5 stars



Rob King