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We had so much fun writing our last mailout that we thought we should do it again.


The Tennis season is back for 2018, and finally after many unforced errors, double faults, sweat and tears, Isobel and Sarah have FINALLY won their first Tennis Match! And yes the other team did turn up! Look out Serena, the girls have started training for the Australian Open already.


Tennis Kingthing Marketing


Welcome our newest team member, Tanya!

Tanya has recently joined the fun at Kingthing as our grants guru, project manager extraordinaire and crazy vegan lady who brings us treats every day (when she is in the office).

She brings a bunch of life, work experience and even more craziness to Kingthing, we are super excited to have Tanya on board for lots of exciting projects we have coming up this year!

Keen to know more about Tanya and her amazing skills?! Click here.




Awards season is here!

It is that time of year where awards programs start calling for entries. If you have aspirations to be award winning and don't know where to start with writing a submission we would love to help you!   We only work with one client per category per awards program - this ensures we don't have competing clients.  If winning awards is a part of your marketing strategy we would love to help you achieve your goals!

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Happy International Women’s Day!

So we all know that it’s International Women’s Day today, but we thought it would be cool of us to also recognise Rob and highlight how much he supports and encourages our kick arse team of (mostly) female marketers. Although we can still multitask WAY WAY better than him, we appreciate it when he makes us coffee in the mornings and listens to us all ramble on about clothes, makeup and blah blah blah! We have decided that he has developed selective hearing!

Should we talk about Marketing now? Probably. 

Digital Ready Social Exchange

Digital Ready held a social media Exchange in Hobart about two weeks ago, where our guru Sarah was on the panel discussing all things Digital, and how we think it’s going to shape business in the very near future. Keep your eyes peeled on the Digital Ready Website, a copy of it will be posted soon. Thanks to Jen from Digital Dandy for being an Ah-Mazing facilitator and all of the other panel guests. P.S. Martin from Ionata wasn’t allowed in this photo because he was wearing blue, not black and white! (sorry not sorry).  



Instagram Stories

We thought we should tell you a little bit about the crazy new craze in social media that can help market your small business. Instagram Stories! Insta stories are those round circles at the top of your feed, businesses and personal accounts can post thing’s to their stories but it only last 24 hours. They are cool because you can add filters, text and more! What’s even cooler (if you have over 10,000 followers) is that you can swipe up to shop to productfeatured in the story! Cool right.

But why? Currently Instagram Stories have over 300 million active users A DAY which is nearly double of SnapChat. Instagram

The more that a user interacts with your Instagram Stories, the more likely your posts will show up in their feeds. At the minute, followers only see around 10% their feeds, so anything we can do to increase this is a BIG TICK.

Instagram Stories


Happy Birthday BK!

Happy Birthday to our anti boss Beck! Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us in the office every day with your wit, encouragement, pure determination and for providing MANY office lols, mostly at Rob’s expense.  

Thanks for reading :)

Rob King