Who knew marketing could be so interesting?

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Hello and Welcome to 2018

We at Kingthing Marketing thought that it was time we should ‘practice what we preach’ and actually market ourselves (go figure!). So here is the first of our Mail Outs, where we will update you on the latest things, some serious things and some hilarious things. Occasionally we will be making a guest appearance in your inbox! Don’t archive us just yet, we think you are going to enjoy this.
We also thought we better explain ourselves. You might be thinking wasn’t your logo yellow in 2017? Yes, it was but we like to mix things up each year and it feels like a groovy green kinda year to us! We thought it would be fun to mix it up so we have changed to a Kermit green. We like our new outfit, so does Kermit! Miss Piggy is not so sure.

Here we go, the first mail out.
Sarah :)

Kermit the Frog - Kingthing Marketing

The Latest Thing

Facebook Algorithm Change

Just when we were hoping that the sunny January vibe was going to ease us into the new year, the latest Facebook algorithm news managed to break through the summer holiday fog and get Beck and Sarah planning, scheming and dreaming about what it will mean for our dear clients.

Just in case you missed it: Facebook has decided to start connecting people with more people (andless businesses). No need to freak out, Facebook will always have a place for businesses, but for us it’s all about being proactive in the market place and not reactive. Basically, Facebook will be showingless posts from Business pages, you might have already noticed this in your feed.


Our advice?

  • Start emailing – use and build your own database that can’t be taken off you
  • Keep posting videos and LIVE video on your Business page
  • Keep using paid advertising or if you haven’t yet give it a try
  • And promote your work through your own personal accounts!



Hootsuite and Instagram now love each other - Sweet!

Kingthing Marketing

We get it!  Social media sometimes is like getting sucked down the rabbit hole and what should be a quick post on your business page might end up in a couple of lost hours checking out lol catsand puppy dogs dressed as super heroes. 
Never fear Hootsuite may just help you stay on track - it is super awesome because you can plan, write, and schedule social media posts from multiple social media accounts.  It allows us marketers and business owners to organise our posting at the start of the week, schedule the time we want posts to run and nominate what platform. Until recently, the Instagram integration into Hootsuite wouldn’t allow direct posting to Instagram Business profiles and we still had to do it manually – sigh. Now it justshootsof and posts automatically. Great for us and great for our calendars. Your Insta life just got whole lot easier!


The Graphic Design thing

Graphic Design Kingthing Marketing Isobel Clark

Get to know our Graphic Designer Issy, who sits on the creative side of the room with Beck and Anna. When she isn’t making thinking noises, teasing Rob or drinking French Earl Grey she is designing business cards, logo’s, websites, brochures and everything else under the sun for our clients.

Get to know her
Isobel Clark -

Bushwalking, cooking (+ eating), the beach and travelling
Having photo's taken of me! 
Most annoying habit
Humming and singing in the office
Favourite Instagram account
@jessicavwalsh - Super Star from Sagmeister & Walsh, NYC
What inspires you?
Tasmania, the world, my friends and my beautiful family. 
Motivational song
Major Lazer - Light it up (ft. Nyla & Fuse ODG) 

See some samples of her work, she is very clever even if we must say so ourselves. 

The Funny thing (LOL)

Marketing online

At Kingthing Marketing, we are always having FUN. Our favourite laugh from the last week or so was when Rob and Beck had a very well deserved extra-long weekend. Iss and Sarah rocked up and somehow couldn’t manage to get onto the Wi-Fi – an hour later they foundan unplugged power point! Duh. At least they got to catch up on the goss from the weekend for a good hour, but who are we kidding, that happens every Monday Morning!
That’s it from us for now!

Rob King