October News

Long time, no see!

We haven’t been playing disappearing magic tricks, just busy working with our amazing clients. We apologise! Please forgive us.

Firstly, we would love to give virtual cheers to our amazing clients, and organisations that we have worked with that were successful in being finalists or winners in the Launceston Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. We are still grinning! And also enjoying our gourmet picnic basket prize from our win in the Marketing Entrepreneur category!

Secondly, we want to update you on what's been happening in the digital space. 

Digital Marketers in Tasmania

Let's talk updates.

It all started with a new Apple iOS update announcing that it would be blocking third party cookies. This would have had a detrimental effect for marketers when using the Facebook Pixel o retarget consumers, but as always they have found a way to overcome this. Facebook has announced that they will be creating first-party data. This will be done by creating cookies that pass data back to Facebook.

This was posted in our Kingthing Thinking Facebook Group, exclusive access to the happening information. Join us and join up.

Google Plus going down the social media gurgler.

Ever heard of Google Plus? It's Google's own version of Facebook, well was. In the next ten months, it will be shut down due to limited consumer use and privacy restrictions.

According to this article, 90% of interactions with the platform only last for 5 seconds.

Farewell Google Plus!

Digital Ready Update 

Do you need a superstar digital strategy for your business but just don't know where to start? 

Or do you need help creating content to reach the ears of the right audience? There are some great FREE Digital Ready events that are coming up perfect for any business owner or the budding entrepreneur. 

Click here for upcoming events.

Digital Marketers Tasmania
Digital Marketers Tasmania

We have had some fun visitors in the office as of late!

Over the last month, we have had a couple of short but sweet visits for work experience! 
Rachel (pictured left) spent a whole week with us studying the latest in marketing, she described her time with being like "a kid in a candy shop!" Did someone say candy? Well, it is Halloween!
Lotti also spent an afternoon with us in her school holidays (pictured right), and helped us develop some illustrations and also a social media post! She is definitely a young gun and Kingthing has their eye on her for when she leaves school in ten years! 

That's it from us for now.
Thanks for reading and we hope you're feeling updated and ready to continue to do amazing things with your businesses. You've got this! Over and out. 

Rob King