What you need to know about Graphic Design in 2018!


What you need to know about Graphic Design in 2018….


Rob: So Issy, what made you decide to become a graphic designer?

Issy: Well, I have always had a huge love for all things design. I notice it everywhere and I really love how every part of our lives are filled with design without us even knowing.  Many of the daily decisions we make are based on how things look and how easy they are to use. Clothes, websites, cars, food ….. anything really are all subconsciously decided through the design and User Experience.

Being a Graphic Designer is so much fun!   It has been particularly exciting to see my work jump off my screen and out in the real word - from lightboxes at the airport, posters in the street and (being a foodie) I love  seeing my brands come alive at local markets.


Rob: So this thing called technology.  It drives us all a little crazy trying to keep up.  But how do you think technology will affect design in to the future?

Issy: Oh wow it is so exciting! Emerging technologies have got the whole world keen for what 2018 will bring. After all, over half of the best global brands come from the technology sectors (e.g. Apple, Google and Microsoft). We are no longer simply designing for print advertising but a world of social media, websites and now for Virtual Reality.

I believe this year we will see a rise of Virtual Reality and augmented reality. It is still early days, however with many companies positioning themselves, it will become more important than ever to get brands to stand out, innovative and be ahead of the game.

I anticipate more companies this year will be moving from a shift in 2D design to embracing touch, sound and depth through motion design.  It is more important than ever to think about the User Experience in design in order to keep up with the rapid changes we will see in 2018.


Rob: Sooooooo with all this technology, will companies still need good design?

Issy: Yes! Great design will matter more than ever and we will need to push limits to ensure that products stand out. There were a number of brands in 2017 that successfully embraced motion design in order to stand out.  My favourite would have had to have been Adobes Make it Video and Logo designed by Sydney Studio, Never Sit Still, which you can see above. The content is both engaging and innovative.

I had the privilege of rebranding Kingthing last year and although the project wasn’t as big as the Make It video, I created the K to come to life in a 2d format, this type of design is relatively new to the Tasmanian space and I am excited to see more and more companies push this in the years to come.


Rob: So Issy, you have done some really cools stuff for our clients, what has been your favourite so far?

Issy: It is REALLY hard to choose, because I have done so much. But I think I have to say Flinders Island. One of my most memorable experiences was when Beck and I flew over to Flinders where we spent the day eating local produce, meeting the locals, cuddling wombats and exploring the island. I had SO much fun working on the logo and collateral for the Food & Crayfish Festival in particular.  The festival will take place at one of the Island’s breath taking locations, and the theme will be Mother Nature + Human Nature.  The festival is a celebration of everything Flinders Island represents: wilderness, community, connection, food, sharing. I incorporated all of these aspects into an identity that described the Food and Crayfish Festival at first glance. I am excited to continue to see the brand come alive through the marketing and collateral for the festival in April - and this foodie seriously needs to get around to booking my flight over there to much on some of the best food in the world!

Food & Crayfish Festival Logo Kingthing
Food & Crayfish Festival Poster Kingthing
Rob King