Kingthing Marketing's guard dogs

Bennie Boy and Millie King

Always on the lookout for the delivery person, Bennie-Boy is the unflappable first line of defence for the Kingthing team by distracting visitors with his Labradoodle charms. Always full of good advice and never answers back!  If only he could learn to make coffee ;)
Little Millie is a new edition to the Kingthing family, we accidentally adopted her in the middle of a busy 'awards submission writing season'.  Not sure how it happened but she is here to stay and super cute curled up at our feet at home on a cold winters day. 

Bennie Boy's favourite things:
* Chasing seagulls on the beach
* Chewing on bones
* Sneaking onto beds

Millie's favourite things:
* Snuggles with her new family
* Long walks in the bush
* Stealing Bennies food

Kingthing Marketing - Guard dogs
Kingthing Marketing - guard dogs
Rob King