Our values

Welcome to Kingthing Marketing.

You might be wondering what we are REALLY like?  What are we like to work with? What motivates us to get up in the morning.

Well, it is simple, we believe in your business. We call this our 'why', if you are a fan of Simon Sinek, you will know what we mean. If not then check out this video to see how you can find your own 'why'.

Straight out of our business plan, here are our values that we live and breathe every day:

  • We are inquisitive and knowledgeable
  • We are genuine and clients come first
  • We belong to this community
  • We are successful but humble
  • We are well-rounded but bespoke
  • We have a good work ethic
  • And most importantly, we have FUN!

We believe in your business.

xx Beck

Rob King